Chargers DBC1

DEIF's DBC1 series chargers are used to charge and maintain a full charge of lead or gel batteries with an operating voltage of 12 or 24 volts. They can be used for parallel operation with other chargers of the same type and with the same voltage class.

DBC1 units are characterized by high performance and reliability (MTBF more than 60,000 hours. Maximum heating at full load 70 ° C), which is a great advantage of these devices. Also, the undoubted "pluses" are low cost and ease of installation, and a low percentage of scrap can guarantee a long life cycle. DBC1 is protected against overload and high temperature (overheating degrades the rated power). LED indicators indicate the presence of power, charging and failure.

  • Input voltage 115 / 230V (47 ... 63 Hz)
  • Output voltage / current 12/24 V 5/10 A

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