ZETFON 50/650 K

ZETFON 50/650 K
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ZETFON 50/650 K

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ZETFON 50/650 K - contains an electronic sound transmitter, mounted on the mast and the control unit / amplifier to be installed in the wheelhouse. Suitable for boats up to 75 meters class - IV. Approved PPP and RMRS and relevant certificates. Officially approved by the type and corresponds to the rules of the IMO 1972, Annex III 'on the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.'
Typhon has all the necessary tools to ensure quality work. Equipped with anticondensation nagevatelnym element motor. Reliable and rugged design ensures quality work in harsh environments. ZETFON 50/650 K - alternative air whistles for small vessels. It has no air compressor. It has a wide range of frequencies with harmonics for better audibility against the general noise.


  • Power supply: 12 V DC / 24 V DC
  •  The sound intensity: 1/3 octave band at a distance of 1 m - 120 dB
  • Basic frequency: 650 Hz
  • Protection: IP56
  • Operating temperature: -25 ° to + 55 °, in the presence of the heating element to - 55 °
  •  Dimensions: 200 x 355 mm;
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
It is recommended installation of Typhon ZETFON 50/650 K at an angle of about 3 °.
Differs from Typhon 120 / 330K is Started in another frequency band. For example tyfon 120 / 330K operates in the range 330 Hz.

Impact of the 11th Amendment to the Ship Equipment Directive 11.01.2017 Impact of the 11th Amendment to the Ship Equipment Directive
The 11th amendment to the marine equipment directive (MED) shall enter into force on 30 April 2016 The amendment updates the requirements for marine equipment, which also apply to displays and alarm communication.