Marine electric Typhon YHC200-2

Marine electric Typhon YHC200-2
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Marine electric Typhon YHC200-2

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Marine electric Typhon YHC200-2

The ship's electric typhon YHC200-2 is a powerful signaling and sound device designed for use on ships with a length of 20 meters or more, but less than 75 meters. It provides an effective and loud audible alarm system necessary to ensure safety on the water.

Features and characteristics of Typhon YHC200-2:

High Sound power: Typhon YHC200-2 has a high sound pressure level sufficient to attract the attention of other vessels and signal your presence.
Reliability and durability: This is a high-quality and durable device that is able to withstand extreme conditions of the marine environment, such as strong wind, moisture and salt water.
Variety of signals: Typhon YHC200-2 has the ability to emit various sound signals, such as long lasting sound, short signals and others, allowing you to transmit various messages and alert signals.
Easy installation and operation: The device is designed with ease of installation and use in mind, which facilitates the installation and integration process on the ship.
Compliance with international standards: Typhon YHC200-2 complies with international standards and safety standards and can be installed on ships regulated by the International Maritime Transport Organization (IMO) and other regulatory authorities.
Typhon YHC200-2 is an important component of the vessel's equipment, ensuring safety during navigation and interaction with other vessels. It serves to warn of impending danger, indicate the location of the vessel and transmit other necessary signals at sea.

Technical specifications
 Power and sound level       200 W/126 dB±3 dB    
 Color  White (RAL 1013)
 IP class   IP56
 Weight   11 kg
 Stuffing box   PG9

Navigation equipment RMRS (excerpt from the rules) 13.02.2016 Navigation equipment RMRS (excerpt from the rules)
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