XSONIC airmar TM275LHW

XSONIC airmar TM275LHW
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XSONIC airmar TM275LHW

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The XSONIC airmar TM275LHW is a   broadband sonar sensor for measuring water depth and temperature. The sensor consists of 7 low-frequency elements that operate at frequencies in the range from 42 to 65 kHz, with a beam width of 25 degrees.

Technical details:
  • Low CHIRPS from 42 kHz to 65 kHz with a beam width of 25 ° to 16 °, high CHIRPS from 150 kHz to 250 kHz with a constant beam width of 25 °
  • 123 kHz total bandwidth from a single converter
  • Covers basic frequencies of 50 and 200 kHz over the entire bandwidth.
  • The size of the vessel is from 8 meters
  • Enclosure type: fiberglass or wood
  • Urethane transducer housing with stainless steel bracket
  • Exclusive Xducer ID technology

Electronic chart maintenance 21.12.2021 Electronic chart maintenance
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