XSONIC airmar SS175L

XSONIC airmar SS175L
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XSONIC airmar SS175L

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The XSONIC airmar SS175L is a low-frequency stainless steel sensor with a single-chamber transducer CHIRP for measuring water depth and temperature. It is applied on gardens up to 8 meters long.
Available in 0, 12 and 20 degree slope models.

  • Low CHIRPS from 40 kHz to 75 kHz
  • 35 kHz total bandwidth
  • Covers a frequency of 50 kHz
  • Enclosure type: steel or aluminum
  • Exclusive Xducer ID technology

Technical data:
Maximum power: 1000 watts.
Frequency: 40 kHz to 75 kHz.
Band width: 32 to 21 degrees.
10-core cable with 9-pin connector.

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