Transducer TGM60-50-10L / 50KHz / 600W with tank

The sensor of the sonar MTDS - TGM60-50-10L \ 50 kHz \ 600 W. 
It is made of rubber, with a through body and a cable 10 m long.
Comes with a 60 mm diameter TGM60-DLZ transducer tank.

Technical details:
Frequency 50 kHz 
 output power 600 W 
 Diameter 91 mm 
 Static capacity 8000 pF 
 Insulation resistance 500 and more 
 Length of cable 10 m 

Useful articles

Installation and repair service radar

Installation and repair service radar

For vessels, supervised the Russian River Register, Russian Maritime Register, etc., installation and repair of navigation equipment should be conducted by specialists with certificates of recognition of these registers.