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TD-22 - is a ship vibrator that works as part of the Samyung SES-2000 echo sounder. Supplied with a 10m cable. The emission frequency is 50 kHz.

The sensor is designed to detect parameters such as:

  • Depth
  • bottom data
  • Presence of fish

A cable up to 200 meters long can be used to connect the TD-22 to the SES-2000 main unit. The information received by the vibrator is transmitted to the color TFT LCD display. The received characteristics are adjusted by reducing the sensitivity, changing the transmission power, setting the depth, displaying the depth measurement line, direction and color. Also, the parameters of the echo sounder perform the function of correcting the position of the vibrator.

  • Model - TD-22
  • Radiation frequency - 50 kHz
  • Power - 600 W
  • Material - rubber
  • Cable - 10 meters
  • Compatibility - SES-2000 Fishfinder

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