StructureScan SS Thru-Hull

StructureScan SS Thru-Hull
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StructureScan SS Thru-Hull

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Through Steel  StructureScan SS Thru-Hull
Sensor . It works on two frequencies: 455 kHz and 800 kHz.

Compatible with Simrad StructureScan HD and StructureScan systems.


Frequency 455/800 kHz
Type of Through (Thru-Hull)
Materials Stainless steel
Power 500 watts
Compatibility LSS-2 Structure Scan HD
vendor code 000-11459-001
Functions Depth / temperature

Iridium Certus 30.10.2017 Iridium Certus
Iridium Certus is a technological platform developed on the basis of the network of new generation Iridium NEXT satellites.