ForwardScan XDCR kit

ForwardScan XDCR kit
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ForwardScan XDCR kit

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ForwardScan XDCR kit - a   sensor designed to display the frontal image of the relief at a depth exceeding the current depth by 8 times. It operates at frequencies of 180 kHz, which makes it possible to have a higher noise immunity, in contrast to operation at frequencies in the range of 200 kHz.

  • simple and convenient use;
  • frontal, two-dimensional display of the bottom;
  • gives a signal in shallow water;
  • relief color designation (bottom color tracking);
  • an eightfold increase in the visibility range of the frontal image from the current depth;
  • update information in real time;
  • built-in temperature sensor;
  • high protection against interference at 180 kHz;
  • stainless steel mount, 2 inches;
  • ability to control from a mobile device;
  • compatible with Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 using the SonarHub module.
Frequency 180 kHz;
Beam width 25-16 degrees \ 25 degrees.
Maximum depth up to 100 meters (300 feet).

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