ForwardScan transducer only

ForwardScan transducer only
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ForwardScan transducer only

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ForwardScan transducer only - a  sensor designed to monitor the bottom in front of the vessel. Suitable for use on any vessel. Designed to detect underwater obstacles, not suitable for fishing.

  • integrated with Simrad display;
  • sharp image;
  • gives a signal of shallow depth;
  • can be controlled from a mobile device via Wi-Fi.
Scanning frequency 180 kHz, reduces interference from traditional echo-sounders operating at 200 kHz;
Stainless steel mount 50.8 mm
Scanning range 8x from the current depth.

Compatible with Simrad NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 via the SonarHub echolocation module.

Dynamic positioning 12.09.2021 Dynamic positioning
Special vessels should maintain their position during operation without the use of anchors or other devices to secure the vessel to the seabed.