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Radiostation 1Р323Н "Granit"

Granite 1Р323Н - a portable radio station for River-Sea class vessels, is designed to provide radiotelephone communications and data prema / data transmission in marine (146-174 MHz) and inland (300-336.5 MHz) waters, but also covers railway (151-155 MHz ) and aviation (121.5 - 123.1 MHz) bands in accordance with applicable regulatory documents (GOST, ETS, R-REK-M, RRR Rules, etc.). You just need to switch between frequency ranges, this makes the walkie-talkie a universal communication tool that allows you to work not only on ships, but also on other types of transport. 

It is possible to install additional hardware nodes for the Granite 1Р323Н walkie-talkie : a digital modem, a Bluetooth module, GPS / GLONASS and an analog transceiver. This will allow you to receive and send SMS, connect a mobile device to the radio station, operate in DSC (digital selective call) mode, display the data of the automatic identification system on an external device, transmit navigation information via radio channels, perform independent two-channel control, and also transfer the radio to p mode a beacon indicating the coordinates of the distressed at a frequency of 121.5 MHz in accordance with Rec. ITU-R M.690-1.


  • The number of working channels - 200
  • Rated voltage -7.2V
  • Maximum transmitter power - 5W (FM); 1W (AM)
  • Receiver sensitivity - 0.2 μV (FM), 0.8 (AM)
  • Adjacent channel selectivity, no worse - 75dB (160MHz) - 70dB (330MHz)
  • Intermodulation selectivity, no worse - 70dB
  • Degree of protection of a cover - IP66
  • Weight - 0.450 kg
  • Overall dimensions - 134x 55x 44
Basic Package
  • Transceiver
  • Antenna
  • KNB ‐ 15 rechargeable battery (2200 mAh, 7.2V)
  • Individual charger with AC adapter

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