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NavCom CPC-305

NavCom СРС-305  is a portable dual-band VHF radio station for the organization of official radio communications both inside the vessel and for communication with coastal services. Designed to work on river, sea and mixed navigation vessels.

The radio allows you to listen simultaneously to two ranges - the river and sea ranges, which is especially important in areas of mixed navigation: since there is no need to use two different radio stations - a VHF river station and a marine VHF radio range, while it remains possible to listen to two ranges simultaneously.

In emergency situations, it is possible to send a distress signal, which will be transmitted using DSC. 

The walkie-talkie does not sink in water, has a bright body color, a comfortable keyboard, a display with internal illumination, which in case of a fall with bright flashes will help you find yourself in the dark. The radio station is able to withstand a drop in water from a height of 20 meters and maintain operability.


 Frequency range  300.0125–336.5125 MHz, 156.025–157.425 MHz, 160.625-162.025
 output power  2 W (can be reduced to 1)
 Protection class  IP67 (non-floating)
 Operating temperature range  -30 ° С - + 55 ° С
 Number of channels  river - 37, international-59, weather-10, USA-59, CAN-63
 Voltage  7.4 v
 Antenna impedance  50 ohm
 The size  293 x 68 x 44 mm
 Mass of radio station, no more  0.4 kg
 Accumulator battery  Li-ion, 1900 mAh

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