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Granit 2R-44

Granit 2R-44
  • RMRS
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Granit 2R-44   is designed for use on all types of vessels and supervised PPP GIMS.
The radio is available in two versions: 

1) basic 10-channel model 
2) 100-channel model with the ability to scan in three different modes 

radio programmed to the required frequency using the keypad, and the port of the computer. You can copy the recorded data from one radio to another. 

All the main controls are conveniently located and easily accessible. Shock-resistant metal housing protects the radio from external influences. The backlit LCD display on the front panel displays the installation modes station makes a convenient control over the work.
Well-read, backlit liquid crystal display shows the operating channel mode, the output power level of battery discharge station and other necessary parameters.
Basic package is sufficient for offline use radio. A wide range of optional equipment provides ease of use and the use of radio invariance.
  • The impact-resistant with high dust and water
  • Informative LCD display with backlight
  • Software functions, implemented CTCSS, DTMF, dial tone
  • Comprehensive software with programmable radio infrared via PC
  • Cloning stations via infrared
  • Programming with the basic parameters of the radio with the ability to set a password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Operational change Squelch
  • Monitoring the battery charge
  • Able to apply ringing tone 1989 Hz


  • Frequency range, MHz: 300-337 
  • Transmitter output power, W: 2.0-5.0 
  • frequency deviation is not more than 5 kHz 
  • Number of Channels: 100 
  • Frequency Control: Frequency Synthesizer 
  • Receiver Type: Double conversion superheterodyne frequency 
  • current, mA 
  •   - in transfer mode (7,2 B, 5 W): 1700 
  •   - in receive mode: 120 
  •   - Standby time: 35 
  • Sensitivity, mV: 0.18 
  • Sound output, W: 0.5 
  • Selectivity dB: 70 
  • Operating temperature, C - 30 ... + 50 deg. 

- Transceiver 
- KNB-15 battery (2100 mAh) 
- Battery Charger IWEP-15 
- Antenna 2AP-4 
- Certificate RRR

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