Diamond GZV4000

Diamond GZV4000
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Diamond GZV4000

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Diamond GZV4000 is a switching power supply with adjustable output voltage and amperage 40A. This device is used to provide radio equipment and other electronic devices with power supply with voltage from 5 to 15 V and up to 40 A dc. The device weighs little (6.5 kg) and a small size (209.55 × 298.45x107.95 mm). On the front panel of the device are located: power button, power indicators, overload and current consumption, switch, output voltage regulator, a pair of output terminals for 6 amps with a latch, a plug for a cigarette lighter. On the rear panel of the device: a pair of screw terminals with a 40-mm amplifier, a fuse for overload protection, a soldered power cable and a cooling radiator.

The feedback circuit is designed to prevent overload, and the overload indicator lights up when the current is excessive. When the temperature is exceeded, the overheating circuit is activated, preventing excessive heating of the unit. This automatically activates the internal cooling fan, which maintains the operating temperature in the safe range.


  • Output voltage: 5-15 V
  • Output current: 40A Max.
  • Pulsation and noise: 8 mV.m.s
  • Line regulation: 180 mV (± 5% variation)
  • Load regulation: 180 mV (0-100% load)
  • Meter type: Accurate analog meter
  • Input fuse: 12A
  • Dimensions (mm): 209.55 × 298.45x107.95
  • Weight: 6,5 kg. (Approx.)

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