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69 channels and 38 group codes
Diversified range of use from family recreation to light commercial use
Splash resistant construction, equivalent to JIS Grade 4 for outdoor use
Enhanced conversation privacy with built-in voice scrambler
Economical 3 alkaline cells can be used, with an ultra long 65 hours use possible
'Smart-ring' and 'Call-ring', plus Time-out-timer function
Compact body and reliable communication range
External DC power jack for charging



Frequency coverage 433.075 - 434.775 MHz (Simplex)
Number of channels


Number of CTCSS Freq. 38 (67.0–250.3Hz)
Current drain (at 4.5V DC) Less than 140mA
Dimentions (WxHxD) 60.5x163.7x26.9 mm
Weight (approx.) 200g
(includes 3 alkaline cells)
Output power 10mW
Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD) Less than 0.2?V; –14dB?V
Audio output power More than 100mW at 10%
distortion with an 8? load
Battery life (Tx:Rx:Standby=1:1:8) 3 alkaline cells approx. 65 hrs.
Optional BP-202 approx. 20 hrs.
Communication range* Up to 2km (approx.)
(Wide, open space)


Useful articles

Connecting the Koden 2900 series radar to the GK

Connecting the Koden 2900 series radar to the GK

Connection of the radar Koden 2900 series to the gyrocompass is carried out as follows: