Hand anemometers

ARI-49 is a manual induction anemometer designed to determine the average value of the air flow velocity. Acts by determining the angular velocity of rotation of a three cup turret using an electric induction tachometer;

ASC-3, ASC-R - digital signal anemometer, used to determine wind speed and turn on sound and light alarms when critical wind gusts are reached;

MS-13 - a portable anemometer with a counting mechanism, designed to measure wind speed in industrial conditions and at meteorological stations;

ARE - an electronic hand-held anemometer, used to measure wind speed in unsteady conditions anywhere, for example, in a heating, ventilation, air conditioning system, during meteorological studies, etc.


 Characteristics  ARI-49  ASC-3  ASC-R  MS-13  ARE

 Range of measurement of wind speed, m / s


from 2.0 to 30

 from 1.8 to 32  from 3.0 to 25 from 1 to 20  from 1 to 35 
 Sensitivity, m / s no more than 1.8   
 no more than 0.8  0.8 

 Margin of error, m / s

    no more (0,5 +/- 0,05 V), where V - measured wind speed

(0.3 +/- 0.05 V)

(0.5 +/- 0.05 V) 

 Operating temperature


from -40 to + 45


from -50 to + 65 C


from -40 to + 55

from -45 to + 50        

from -20 to + 50


 Weight kg

no more than 0,35

0.4 no more than 0,35    no more than 0.25    1,5   

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