Furuno FS-2575

Furuno FS-2575
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Furuno FS-2575

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Furuno FS-2575 - MF / HF radio receiver with built-in DSC and the output of 250 watts. It is intended for marine use as GMDSS equipment fully complies with SOLAS requirements, as well as ITU Recommendations for digital selective calling system for use in the maritime mobile service. Furuno FS-2575 is equipped with a high-contrast 4.3-inch bright color LCD screen. (480x272 pixel). It has the certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


Furuno FS-2575 is made in robust and reliable waterproof housing, which prevents occurrence of damage. All necessary information is displayed on a convenient display. The radio station transmits messages of distress, safety and regular messages. Furuno FS-2575 has a convenient control: using the numeric keypad to quickly access the functions assigned to work with the menu.



  • Frequency Range TX: 1605,0-27500,0 kHz; RX: 100-29999,99 kHz
  • Number of Channels 256 + ITU, SSB / TELEX
  • Modes Simplex, half-duplex modulation J3E, H3E, A1A, J2B
  • Output power - 250 W
  • The sensitivity of less than 7 dB V (4,0-29,99999 MHz, J3E) / less than 13 dBuV (1,6-4 MHz, J3E)
  • DSC frequencies: 2187.5 kHz, 4207.5 kHz, 6312.0 kHz, 8414.5 kHz, 12577.0 kHz, 16804.5 kHz. Storage of 50 messages of distress and 50 other posts (TX).; 50 messages, tel. numbers, frequency, etc. (RX)
  • Power supply 24 VDC
  • Consumption TX: 20 A, RX: 5,0 A (FS-1575), TX: 40 A, RX: 5,0 A (FS-2575), TX: 60 A, RX: 5,0 A (FS-5075 )
  • Display size 4.3 '

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