M5089T X-Band Magnetron

M5089T X-Band Magnetron
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M5089T X-Band Magnetron

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M5089T - the magnetron produced by the e2v company of the X-Band range has a power of 25 kW and operates at 9415-9460 MHz. Magnetron is widely used in marine radars and requires natural or forced air cooling.

M5089T is a microwave oscillator controlled by short-pulse voltage. This magnetron is convenient for installation, since it can be operated in any position.


  • Operating frequency range 9415 - 9460 MHz
  • Coupling UG-40B / U
  • Peak power 25 kW
  • The heating voltage is 6.3 V
  • The filament current is 0.55 A
  • Starting current 3 A max.
  • Cathode heating time 60 s
  • The maximum voltage of 8 kV
  • The maximum current of the anode is 8 A
  • Operation cycle 0.001
  • Class PANG
  • Pulse width 1ms
  • Weight 1.5 kg

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