Magnetron M1302A

Magnetron M1302A
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Magnetron M1302A

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M1302A - magnetron designed for S-band radar system with a fixed frequency range 3040-3060MGts. The maximum power output of 30kW.
Magnetron M1302A easy to handle and operate, constantly passes control of the manufacturer on the product quality.
  • Frequency Range: 3040-3060 MHz
  • Maximum output power - 30 kW
  • Pulse duration - 1 ms
  • Duty Cycle - 0,001
  • Anode voltage - 8 kV
  • Maximum anode current - 8 A
  • Heater Voltage - 6.3
  • Heater Current - 1.25 A
  • Weight - 2.3 kg


Magnetron M1302AMagnetron M1302A

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