Magnetron M1302/M5020

Magnetron M1302/M5020
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Magnetron M1302/M5020

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Magnetron M1302 / M5020 is designed for S-band radar system. The frequency range is fixed between 3.04GGts and 3.06GHz. Peak power output 25kW. If the input power is larger than 25 W, the heater power should be reduced for 3 seconds after application.
The magnetrons are subject to mandatory testing for compliance with quality standards. The product quality is constantly monitored by the manufacturer.
  • Frequency Range: 3040-3060 MHz
  • Maximum output power - 25 kW
  • Pulse duration - 1 ms
  • Duty Cycle - 0,001
  • Anode voltage - 8 kV
  • Maximum anode current - 8 A
  • Heater Voltage - 6.3
  • Heater Current - 1.25 A
  • Weight - 2.3 kg

Magnetron M1302/M5020Magnetron M1302/M5020

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