Life-Saving Waistcoat "SIGMA"

Life-Saving Waistcoat "SIGMA"
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Life-Saving Waistcoat "SIGMA"

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The SIGMA working and safety gas-inset vest with manual activation is an  individual safety device that ensures human safety when falling into the water. A comfortable and compact waistcoat is popular with yachtsmen, fishermen, pilot services and workers in oil-drilling and gas-producing platforms.
The waistcoat is gas-filled with a mixture of CO2 from a replaceable 33 gram can.
The material of the vest is nylon, strong slings withstand the weight of a person. 

Supplied in an individual package-bag.

Technical data:

Single-chamber vest, average buoyancy is more than 180 Newtons. 

Has an automatic gas filling mechanism.

There is a pressure relief valve.
Vest activation time is less than 5 seconds.
Easy to wear, comfortable.

Weight - 850 grams.

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