Hydrostat “SEAMATE” Ve-1

Hydrostat “SEAMATE” Ve-1
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Hydrostat “SEAMATE” Ve-1

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Hydrostat "SEAMATE" Ve-1 - is designed for quick and unhindered separation from the anchorages on the vessel of life rafts and radio beacons. It is used on sea vessels, marine floating and stationary structures, yachts, boats, boats, etc.
It is allowed to use with rafts with a capacity of 25 or more people.


Overall dimensions: 75х55х166 mm

Operating temperature: -30С + 65С

Weight: 0.3 kg

Volume: 0.001 m3 / cu.

It meets the requirements of SOLAS 74, the LSA International Rescue Code, the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Maritime Transport Facilities.

Lifetime: 3 years

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