Motorola MDPMMN4075A

Motorola MDPMMN4075A
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Motorola MDPMMN4075A

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The Motorola PMMN4075A Compact PTT is a small portable speaker with microphone for the Motorola series digital radios. The composition includes a convenient quick-release swivel clip, which allows you to conveniently fix it to any items of clothing. Built-in Windporting provides enhanced noise cancellation. The speaker is housed in a dust- and waterproof case, made according to the IP57 standard.


  • Speaker output power, W: 0.5
  •  IP Rating: IP57
  • Safety standard: UL-TIA4950 for DP2000e series
  • Speaker System: Windporting
  • Connector type: Motorola MOTOTRBO

Motorola PMMN4075A is designed for use with Motorola radios: DP2400, DP2600, DP3441, MTP3100 TETRA, MTP3250 TETRA, MTP3500 TETRA, MTP3550 TETRA, MTP6550 TETRA, MTP6750 TETRA

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