Handset HS-2003-15

Handset HS-2003-15
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Handset HS-2003-15

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Handset HS-2003-15 serves as an additional communication tool designed for transmitting speech voices seamlessly. It operates in tandem with Furuno's FM-8900 radio station, establishing a direct connection through a specialized cable. Crafted from durable materials, the handset's body is resilient to sea conditions and boasts an IP24 protection class.

This model ensures exceptional audibility, effectively minimizing background noise during conversations. Operators have the flexibility to adjust speaker volume to suit their preferences. Upon ending a conversation, the speaker volume resets to the preset value in the [EARPIECE LEVEL] option. Deactivating the intercom can be achieved by hanging up and pressing either the CANCEL button or CH16.

  • Protection Class: IP24
  • Ambient Temperature: -15°C to 55°C
  • Relative Humidity: Not exceeding 93% at 40°C
  • Colour Coating: N2.5

In summary, the Handset HS-2003-15 delivers reliable communication in challenging environments, offering customizable audio settings and robust protection against external elements.

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