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Furuno GP-150  fully satisfies the requirements of IMO Res. 112 (73), and IEC 61108-1 . Support DTM, suitable for connection to VDR / SVDR (black boxes). Excellent sensor absolute speed (SOG) and the absolute rate (COG) for AIS, radar and other navigational equipment. Signal amplification system using WAAS (standard) and DGPS (optional). Display modes: Videoprokladchik, three-dimensional path route Broadband, text, etc. Memory: 2000 points of track route, 999 waypoints, 30 routes with 30 waypoints route

The main function MSC.112 (73), IEC 61108-1 Dop.2 A.819 (19), IEC 61108-1 Dop.1
Accuracy 13 m (95%) 100 m (95%)
Ground speed Compliance with equipment to measure speed and distance (SDME) No
Absolute Rates Accuracy 1 (> 17 knots), 3 (<17 knots) No
Coordinated Universal Time Output Data only for the latitude / longitude
Autonomous monitoring of the accuracy of data receiver (RAIM) Displays reliability security and warns unsafe levels of confidence (10 and 100 m)


Technical characteristics
Receiver Type 12 discrete channels, C / A code accuracy
Reception frequency L1 (1575,42 MHz)
Time to first observation 12 sec
Speed range 900 nodes
Geodetic System WGS-84 (NAD-27 or others selectable)
Update information 1s
Increased accuracy DGPS
Radio stations diffpopravok Automatic or manual selection of a frequency.
Frequency band 283.5 - 325.0 kHz, 0.5 kHz through
Message Format RTCM SC-104 Ver 2.0 Type1, 7, 9, 16
Standard built-in display
GPS 10 m (95%)
DGPS 5 m (95%)
WAAS 3 m (95%), limited coverage
SOG 0.001 knots (calm sea)
COG 3 (SOG 1-17 knots) 
1 (SOG> 17 knots)
Display / Videoplotter
Screen 6 'LCD display (120x91 mm), 320x240 pixels
Picture Modes VideoPlotter, Highway, Text, Steering
Videoprokladchik Scale: 0.02 - 320.0 nautical miles 
Interval: 1 sec - 60 min 0.01-99.99 nautical miles
Memory 2000 pt. follow the trajectory, 999 waypoints, 30 routes with 30 waypoints route
Signals Arrival, anchor watch, deviation from track (XTE), DGPS-signal, time, speed, WAAS, disable the device, depth
Indication of reliability Safe, Cautions and Unsafe levels (10-100 m)
Interface IEC 61162-1 Ed 2, NMEA 0183
Exit GBS (error satellite), GLL (L / L), VTG (SOG, COG), ZDA (UTC), WPL, etc.
Input DBT (Depth), HDT (Compass), MTW (water temperature), TLL (TGT L / L), VBW (Dual Rate absolute / relative to the water), etc.
Operating conditions
Temperature -15 C - +55 C (display) 
-25 C - +70 C (antenna)
Waterproofing (according to IEC 60529) IPX5 (display) 
IPX6 (antenna)
  12-24 VDC, 0.8-0.4 A



  • Display (indicated by single or double)
  • Antenna GPA-017S
  • Antenna cable 15m
  • Interface cable 2x5m
  • Installation materials and spare parts


  • DGPS receiver OP20-32-1/20-33
  • Vertical whip antenna for FAW-1.2 GPA-018S
  • Antenna cable, 30/50 m
  • Mounting kit antenna CP20-01111, No.13-QA300, No.13-QA310, No.13-RC5160
  • External receiver DGPS GR-80
  • Transmitter PR-62
  • Device interfaces IF-2500


Certificate RMRS

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