Furuno GP-32

Furuno GP-32
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Furuno GP- 32 - is a fully integrated GPS receiver and videoplotter consisting of the processor unit and the antenna. High-sensitivity GPS- receiver simultaneously tracks up to 13 satellites (12 GPS satellites and one satellite WAAS). 8 - state Kalman filter provides optimal accuracy of the ship's position , course and speed .
Key Features GP-32:
  • To add a function to the DGPS GP- 32 can be connected to the receiver beacon DGPS.
  • Ability to WAAS. ( In this manual, the WAAS means any provider SBAS.)
  • Storage 999 waypoints and 50 routes .
  • Alarms : Arrival / anchorage course error ( XTE ) , Path, odometer , time , WAAS / DGPS and Speed .
  • The ' Man overboard ' writes the ship's position at the time of man overboard and gives continually adjusts the range and bearing to the point of falling.
  • Bright LCD display size of 95 x 60 mm with adjustable contrast and brightness.
  • Ability to connect the autopilot (optional) with the issuance of data for steering in autopilot .
  • Unique display of ' freeway ' gives a graphical representation of the vessel towards the waypoint.
  • Displays the user -defined operator.
  • Ability to upload data waypoints and routes from PC or upload the data to a PC.
Standard equipment: 
  • display 
  • antenna 
  • Antenna cable 10 m 
  • Installation materials and spare parts 
Optional accessories 
  • Power supply 220V PR-62 
  • External receiver DGPS GR-80 
  • Mounting kit for installing the antenna on the tube / deck / on the handrail 
  • Mounting kit for installing the display panel
Certificate RMRS
Furuno GP-32
Furuno GP-32

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