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Furuno GP-170

Furuno GP-170
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Radio Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS (DGPS) Furuno GP-170 is used in marine applications as a sensor of vessel position data on the radar, AIS, ECDIS, sonar and other communications equipment and navigation. On a color liquid crystal display high-resolution displays all received navigation data as if you were using MFDili chart. Store in memory 1000 waypoints, 100 routes (99 created 1 input from external equipment), 1000, and 2000 marks the trajectories. 
High accuracy of the coordinates makes it possible to connect to the GP-170 (internal or external) signal receiver amendments beacons DGPS.Tak same device has a USB port for connecting an external flash drive and an Ethernet jack to connect to the LAN. 
Functional features Furuno GP-170: 
  • Warning: the arrival / drift anchor, lateral displacement, with the track (XTE), the ship's speed, distance traveled 
  • Warning: 'Caution', 'Warning' 
  • The registration function coordinates a man overboard when you activate it with the constant updating of the distance and bearing on proceeding to a point with given coordinates 
  • Unique display mode 'Magistral' with a graphical representation of the vessel to the waypoint 
  • User-programmable display navigation data in a digital format 
  • The possibility of combining the two receiver-differential GPS subsystem 
  • Power supply: 12-24 VDC, 0.4 A 0.8- 
  • Frequency range: 1575.42 MHz, 283.5 - 320.0 kHz (DGPS) 
  • Number of Channels: 12 
  • Readability calculation updates the coordinates: 1 seconds (standard 0.1 sec (minimum)
Certificate RMRS

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