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Address unit for conventional & IS units Salwico NS-AIN1

NS-AIN1 - addressable device for connecting conventional and IS units, such as smoke, heat or flame detector, analog systems CS3000 fire alarm, CS4000 and NSAC-1. Address device processes the signal and determines the address number and the type of sensor, with which he entered. When the unit / units connected to the NS-AIN1 are in a state of alarm, the red LED on the board lights up. It remains on until the alarm is cleared on the control panel. The included terminating resistor (ELR-33) must be connected after the last block in order to observe the broken cable.
  • Inputs: one for conventional detector
  • Input maximum load ~ 5 conv. detectors or 250 mA
  • System voltage: 24 V DC
  • Operating voltage: 15 - 35 V DC
  • Current monitoring ID2 15 mA / ID3 1.5 mA
  • Alarm ID2 15 mA / ID3 11,5 mA
  • Termination resistor: ELR-33, 33 ohms
  • Cable entry: PG16
  • Cable diameter: 8 - 14 mm
  • Cable terminals: 2.5 mm2
  • Working temperature: -25?C to + 70?C
  • Ambient Humidity: 0 - 95% relative humidity
  • protection: IP55
  • Material: PC / ABS
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight ~ 300 g

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