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Samyung SFX-100

SFX-100 - a weather fax developed by Samyung, is designed for use on ships for receiving weather maps. The SFX-100 does not have an integrated display, so it outputs information to the device connected to it. The SFX-100 fax receiver can store up to 20 images and up to 16,000 text messages in memory.

SFX-100 is simple and convenient to use, has a clear user interface and the ability to change the color of the scales on the screen. Fax Weather SFX-100 is equipped with automatic tuning to optimize reception quality. The receiver has the function of protecting the image from interference. The SFX-100 requests data from the stations closest to the device.

  • The frequency range of FAX (0.5MHz ~ 25MHz) NAVTEX (490 kHz / 4209.5 kHz, 518 kHz)
  • Channel into available 320 channels
  • Storage FAX (20 Pictures), NAVTEX (115 massage / not more than 16 000 letters per channel)
  • Type of double super heterodyne
  • Modulator FAX (F3C / J3C), NAVTEX (F1B)
  • Interface LCD monitor, keyboard, printer
  • Power Supply 10.8V ~ 31.2VDC
  • Antenna Antenna wire, whip antenna

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