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Samyung SFAX-500

Samyung SFAX-500
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Samyung SFAX-500 - is a weather fax. Designed for receiving and printing data from coastal weather stations. Weather information received from Meteorological Organization WMO. The device is equipped with an automatic search function of the optimal channel reception. Approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Structurally SFAX-500 is equipped with 5.6 'clear LCD display for viewing images before starting to print. There is also a built-in 10-inch wide printer output for easy card reader. thermosensitive paper is used for printing. The user can also SFAX-500 set to the desired receiving mode (automatic, semi-automatic, manual and programmed). Receiving station can be selected based on the completeness of the GPS reception.
  • Frequency range - 500 kHz
  • Power Source - Rechargeable lithium battery (service life of 4 years)
  • Linear scan density - 7 lp / mm
  • Scan Resolution - 8 dots / mm
  • Sensitivity - 2 mV
  • Operating Temperature - -15 + 55C
  • Relative humidity - 93%
  • Frequency Type - F3C
  • Scanning speed - 60/90/120/240 RPM
  • Automatic time correction - data is entered via GPS
Certificate RMRS

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