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JAX-9A - is a fax receiver Weather maps designed to run on low-tonnage ships. The device is equipped with an automatic selection function reception frequency. Map printed in 10 inch format. Furthermore, when using the decoder JJC (NWF-45) JAX-9A can receive and print signals toll broadcasting stations (e.g., Kyodo News).

Approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The receiver is different from other devices compact in size and light in weight, combined with high reliability. To facilitate the operation of the process control device has a built-in function. Also provided in the receiver clock, which can be used for programming the timer and the system clock. JAX-9A is controlled manually and automatically programmable manner. In manual mode the reception only grayscale images at previously set coefficient of proportionality and scanning speed. Thanks to the Timer, the user can program the start / shutdown, activation method, the frequency of administration, and the use of the function (do not use) semitones. Also, in terms of performance should include the ability to print an image of clouds in 16 gradation levels.

  • Power Consumption - 10 - 42 VDC, max 70 W
  • Paper Type - Thermal paper
  • The number of points - 288 - 576
  • Frequency range - 2 - 24.9999 MHz
  • Modulation - F3C
  • Sensitivity - 2 mV

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