Furuno FAX-30

Furuno FAX-30

Furuno FAX-30
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Furuno FAX 30 - is a fax reception module that connects directly to any NavNet display, turning it into a fax machine / Navtex receiver. Also, using network Ethernet cards FAX-facsimile device 30 can be connected to a standard PC, through Ethernet hub.
Approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
In the case of a personal computer and the image data is displayed using a web browser. Hub Ethernet, integrates multiple displays NavNet, each of these screens will have access to the module FAX-30. Connection to a PC is not required to install any special software. Information can be printed using a computer or printer.
The main features of Furuno FAX 30:
  • Colours - 8 shades of gray, monochrome, with a tinge of blue, pink and black, red and blue.
  • Storage - up to 12 weather maps.
  • Messages - in the Navtex message list can store up to 130 files.
  • The number of channels - 320 user programmable channels
Additionally FAX-30 combined with NavNet radar that provides a good example of a system monitoring the weather conditions that will facilitate safe navigation in difficult navigation conditions.
  • Frequency range FAX - 80 - 160 kHz, 2 - 25 MHz
  • Frequency range NAVTEX - 490 kHz, 518 kHz
  • Receive Mode Fax - F3C, J3C
  • Receive Mode Navtex - F1B
  • Power Supply - 12 - 24 V DC
  • Water resistant - IEC 60529
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