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FAX-408 fax receiver Weather Map displays weather maps and weather satellite imagery on thermal paper in nine grayscale. FAX-408 automatically selects the channels and evaluates the quality of the received signals. The class of radiation received signals: F3C (frequency modulation / analog information / facsimile). All possible channels (total 150) in the range of 2-25 MHz can be programmed in advance, and additional storage capacity can store 164 working channel created by the user. Automatic reception is configured using built-in timer with 16 programs. Setup Display: 3 LEDs (LED) indicate the correctness of the received frequency and the need to adjust (up or down).
Frequency range: 2-25 MHz in 100 Hz
Number of channels: 150 pre-programmed channels and 164 user programmable channels
Receive Mode: F3C
Power supply: 12-24 V DC
Current: 2,3 - 1,15 A.

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Troubleshooting Samyung SH-200

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