Remote data interface RDI 24-001D, digital

Remote data interface RDI 24-001D, digital
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Remote data interface RDI 24-001D, digital

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  • RDI 08-001A
  • RDI 08-001D
  • RDI 24-001D

There are many different VDR architectures, from fully centralized (usually first generation systems) to fully distributed systems. Danelec VDRs are semi-distributed systems consisting of one main data acquisition unit and additional interface sensor modules (for example, interface module, remote video interface, etc.).

To provide a cost-effective solution for replacing fully distributed systems or systems with multiple analog and / or digital inputs, Danelec has developed three types of Remote Information Interface (RDI) modules for acquiring data:

  • RDI 24-001D (24 interfaces) - for digital data
  • RDI 08-001A (8 interfaces) - for analog data
  • RDI 08-001D (8 interfaces) - for serial data

RDIs are small boxes that can be installed next to the corresponding equipment. The devices are connected to VDR using Ethernet or IEC 61162-2 (RS-422). The devices are designed with the use of exclusive SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology, quick and easy replacement when servicing the system. Replacement kits allow shipowners to standardize VDR installations, reducing the cost of installing and maintaining products from different suppliers. Access to the latest VDR technology allows you to initiate data retrieval from ship systems and sensors using a convenient remote access platform. 

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