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Light signal SIO
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Pulse light impulse Impulse execution 2 (LED IMPACT) is supplied complete with four lanterns (gas discharge lamp IFK-120 or LED) and a certificate of the Russian River Register. It is intended for installation on vessels of internal and mixed (river-sea) navigation and is used for the delivery of light impulse signals in case of discrepancy and overtaking of vessels.
Models of light impulse signals LED Impulse IMPACT are marked depending on the voltage of the device:
LED IMPULSE-12 version 2 (LED IMPACT) - 12.6 VDC 
LED IMPULSE-12/24 version 2 (LED IMPACT) - 12.6 VDC / 25.2 VDC
LED IMPULSE-24 version 2 (LED IMPACT) - 25.2 VDC
LED PULSE-220 performance 2 (LED IMPACT) - 220 VAC
LED IMPULS-24/220 version 2 (LED IMPACT) - 25.2 VDC or 220 VAC

  • power supply voltage (depending on the modification) - 12 and (or) 24 VDC; 220 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz; 24 V DC and 220 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz;
  • the number of switched channels is 4;
  • flash frequency - 30 ... 40 flashes per minute;
  • power consumption no more than - 150 W;
  • light source - flash lamp IFK-120 or LED light-emitting diode matrix 70 W;
  • the angle of view of the lantern is 112.5 degrees;
  • SIO 100 of version 2: (IMPACT) and (LED IMPACT), (IMPACT +.) And (LED IMPACT +) have additional control panels;
  • degree of protection of the system unit - IP22 (IP44 on customer's request);
  • degree of protection of signal lights and control panel - IP56;
  • overall dimensions: the system unit - 200х160х55 mm; signal lamp - height 130mm, diameter 138mm). control panel - 117h87h35mm;
  • weight no more than: system unit - 1,5 kg; signal lamp - 1 5 kg; the control panel is 0.15 kg.

The signal does not interfere with the radio reception provided that the copper conductor is properly grounded with a cross-section of at least 2.5 mm 2 . The pickup keeps working at the angle of the ship's roll to 15 ° and the differential to 5 °, and also when rolling to 22.5 ° with a rolling period of 7 ... 9 seconds and pitching to 10 ° from the vertical and vibration with an acceleration of 0.5g frequency from 5 to 30 Hz and shocks with an acceleration of 3g at a frequency of 40 to 80 beats per minute.

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