Personnel Identification System

Personnel Identification System
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Personnel Identification System

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The shipborne position determination and personnel identification system was developed by the company MRSvyazavtomatika. This system provides control of the location of personnel, access to the premises, to the equipment and systems of the ship, the transfer of watch and the execution of detours.

The system includes:
  • personalized bracelets with RFID tagsPersonnel Identification System
  • stationary readersPersonnel Identification System
  • antenna blocksPersonnel Identification System
  • software.Personnel Identification System

The range of the label is 20 meters from the reader, and the time of its operation without recharging - up to two weeks. The essence of the system is as follows: the bracelet reads the user's pulse and transmits the received information to the screen of the officer's monitor with the help of specially developed software. Also, the ship's system automatically signals when the crew member drops out of the ship.

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