HLD-ULD601 hydroacoustic transducer

HLD-ULD601 hydroacoustic transducer
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HLD-ULD601 hydroacoustic transducer

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HLD-ULD601 hydroacoustic sensor needed to detect VDRs that have entered the water. When exposed to sea water, the sensor is activated and sends a signal for at least 90 days.

Starting May 01, 2019, the acoustic beacon is allowed for use on
Highlander Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs):

Manufacturer: Highlander
Model: HLD-ULD601
Part Number: 260500403C0:

1. Highlander HLD-VDR 600 VDR
2. Highlander HLD-SVDR 600 SVDR
3. Highlander HLD-B2 VDR
4. Highlander HLD-S2 SVDR
5. Highlander HLD-A2 VDR
6. Highlander HLD-S SVDR