dKart Navigator

dKart Navigator

dKart Navigator - is a software for e-mapping, which can be installed on the ship's computer, and fully replace the ECDIS / ECS. The program is designed to work with operating systems Windows XP Professional (SP1 or higher), Windows Vista (SP1 or higher version of Business, Enterprise and Ultimate) and Windows 7 (Professional and Ultimate). 
To solve navigation problems with any software ECS uses the location information and the ship moves from external devices and sensors. As an external navigation devices to dKart Navigator via the communication ports of the system unit shipboard computer COM 1, COM 2, etc., can be connected to the equipment: a global navigation satellite system (most preferably a differential version), receiver-other, alternative navigation system, gyrocompass , magnetic compass, log, echo sounder, ARPA radar transponder (AIS), the autopilot. 
The connection between the pacemaker and external navigation devices performed digitally, via RS-232 or NMEA-0183, based on the NMEA-0183 protocol or standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 61162. 
When connecting ARPA radar made by tracking of targets on an electronic map. The system performs continuous monitoring of safety with respect to all the objectives of the displayed using their color indication on the map. In this master can get information about the basic parameters objectives: course, speed, bearing, distance, time and distance of closest approach. 
With appropriate radar equipment, dKart Navigator can use primary radar information to provide the necessary data navigator. The resulting radar image is displayed on top of the e-cards, facilitating their mutual comparison, as well as the ability to detect targets that can not be taken on the automatic tracking of ARPA. 
Marine vessels vary considerably according to the type, purpose, swimming areas, etc. System manufacturers dKart Navigator offers several baselines, specialized for the main types of ships and different in functionality and price. Each basic version can be specifically tailored to suit the customer's requirements by incorporating additional functions (options). The simplest navigation system is a program dKart Explorer. It belongs to a class of pacemaker and is the basis for the establishment of monitoring the fleet, as well as an effective way to visualize the contents of the database on an electronic map. 
Family program dKart Navigator ECS / ECDIS are intended to maximize the full and prompt display information about the navigation environment that allows the skipper to optimize decisions and reduce the time of their adoption. Thereby increasing the safety of navigation, increases the economic efficiency of ship operation.

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