Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 MK15

Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 MK15

Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 MK15 - is a navigation system for use on board cargo ships and tankers to meet SOLAS requirements. System approved by the IMO. Easy to use interface and equipped with a standard Windows PC. ECDIS900 provides accurate navigation via the integrated route planning and optimization tools. Support PRIMAR, IC-ENC,UKHO AVCS,Jeppesen Professional+, AIO.
Equipped with a 24 'flat screen with built-in PC, comfortable keyboard and trackball. ECDIS900 supports integration with BNWAS, Navtex, AIS and a central alarm system. Developed in accordance with further rules laid down for the determination of the national flag, OCIMF program. The display also is equipped with 4mya built NMEA0183 ports and two Ethernet ports. Allows you to place ECDIS900 in places where space is limited. On the basis of the standard Windows interface, common controls are applied, including toolbars and pop-up menu window. This ensures accurate data entry.
  • VDS system is used to optimize routes, ensure the timely arrival and optimizing fuel consumption. Based on the various information VDS evaluates several routes and highlights the risks and benefits of each.
  • Predictor Module calculates the future position of vessels on the basis of ship's heading. In the narrow waters of the position of the vessel allows for the voyage, taking into account speed and cornering.
  • Docking Module helps facilitate docking the ship to the dock by calculating the accurate display of distance and speed.
ECDIS900 includes a logbook, which automatically records all the navigation events during the voyage.
  • Screen resolution - 1920x1080 pixels
  • Power - 50-125 W
  • Voltage - 155-230 V AC
  • Power - 24 V DC
  • Operating Temperature - -15 + 55C
  • Protection class - IP66 / IP22
  • Weight - 11.2 kg
Certificate RMRS

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