FEA-2107 - is a completely new ECDIS as a result of the development of computer technologies in marine electronics. Designed to run on a variety of vessels in order to improve maritime safety. It provides increased opportunities for card management and adjustments. Compatible with vector maps IHO / S-57 3 publications ARCS raster format maps, electronic navigation maps C-MAP. Meets the requirements of IMO A.694 (17), SOLAS V / 18.1, V /, V /, IEC 60945 Ed.4.0 (2002). Certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The composition of the FEA-2107 system includes:
  • The processing unit
  • Control unit
  • Set of cables
  • The network adapter with a cable length of 2 m

FEA-2107 is equipped with a 19 '' inch display high-resolution, which displays information about the purpose of AIS, sea lanes, electronic maps and other navigational data. It has convenient RCU-018 control panel with keyboard and trackball. Also introduced in navigation sensors such as radar, autopilot and others. Equipped with alarm at the risk of running aground. 

Key features and benefits of FEA-2107:
  • Using the electronic charts C-MAP Jeppesen
  • Route planning
  • Selecting the orientation (true course or Relative Motion)
  • Databases can be downloaded via the CD-ROM
  • Route Control and vessel position 
  • Receiving data from AIS and radar to avoid collision
    FEA-2107 has two types of configuration and Autonomous paired .
You can also be integrated into the system:
  •  to monitor indetifikatsii faceted management system,
  •  Radar FAR-21x7 / FAR-28x7, 
  • AIS Transponder FA-150, n
  • Lag DS-60, 
  • Sounder FE700, 
  • GPS GP-150,
  • Autopilot
  • Anemometer
  • Compass and other.

    Standalone system configuration FEA-2107

    Tandem configuration system FEA-2107


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