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PEC-2000 'Vector'

PEC-2000 'Vector'
  • RMRS
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Computing complex type PEC-2000 'Vector' (sea execution computer) is used as the main ship equipment and hardware systems and automation of navigation complexes. PEC-2000 'Vector' provides a safety of navigation, environment lighting, control navigation and communication.
Computing system PEC-2000 'Vector' is equipped with a touch screen, a large angle of the display and a large number of I / O ports. High performance and compliance with international standards, allow the computer to the PEC-2000 'Vector' to carry out all the basic problems of modern navigation. PEC-2000 is an upgraded design and comfortable design, the ability to be used in conjunction with the navigation equipment of any manufacturer. Base computers PEC-2000 'Vector' is of Windows. PEC-2000 certificate approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
  • Process until 3000 MHz
  • RAM up to 2 GB
  • Hard drive up to 120GB
  • Display 12 ', 15', 18 ', 20' touch screen (optional)
  • CD-ROM +
  • Sound Card +
  • Video card is up to 128MB
  • Power consumption 250 W (max)
  • Interfaces: COM (RS-232/422/485), USB 2.0, Ethernet, analog output, PS / 2
  • Working temperature -10 to 55 ° C
  • Pace. Storage between -50 and 70 ° C
  • Relative humidity (35 ° C) max. 98%
Certificate RMRS
 ПЭК-2000 'Вектор'

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