Furuno FI-50 Series

Furuno FI-50 Series
Furuno FI-50 Series
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Furuno FI-50 Series

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Indicators series Furuno FI-50 designed specifically for use on sailing yachts and powerboats. They provide a lot of accurate information, even in adverse weather conditions. Indicators FI-50 are equipped with high-contrast liquid crystal displays with backlighting, which provides excellent visibility at any time of the day and 4 programmable control buttons. Each display is equipped with standard network connectors and CAN bus cables. The data from each device can be completely transferred to NavNet 3D or another to the network. They are easy to install using the Plug and Play technology.

Displayed data:

  • Current depth
  • Over / under depth signal
  • Signal of exceeding the maximum / minimum depth in the anchorage
  • Direction of the wind
  • The maximum / minimum angle of the pennant wind
  • Speed ​​of vessel
  • Maximum / average speed with respect to water (STW)
  • Speed ​​over ground (SOG)
  • Maximum / average speed over ground
  • Effective winding speed (VMG)
  • Wind speed
  • Maximum true wind
  • The signal of exceeding the maximum / minimum true wind speed
  • Wind speed on the Beaufort scale
  • The distance traveled along the lag
  • Distance traveled
  • Countdown / Countdown Timer
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity
  • Cooling temperature by wind
  • Wind Angle

And other


FI-501 displays the true and apparent wind angle in analog and digital formats

FI-502 provides complete and accurate information about the direction of the wind within 60 degrees relative to the ship's DP, which is extremely important for a sailing yacht on the course of a steep backwind.

The FI-503 displays such extremely important data for navigation as depth, speed, temperature and meteorological data on a 3-screen screen.

FI-504 and FI-507 on a large-scale digital display with easy-to-read letters and numbers, all available information from the NMEA 2000 network is represented. In the alternate display mode, the information selected by the user is displayed in sequence at intervals of 3 seconds.

FI-505  provides the display of compass readings in digital form, indicating the deviation from the course in analog form, helping the helmsman accurately keep the set course. Also, the indicator indicator is used to monitor the operation of the autopilot

FI-506 When connected to an autoroute analogue position indicator, the FI-506 displays precise information about the rudder angle.

Instruments of the FI-50 series use standard cables and CAN bus connectors. Connecting with one wire and full compatibility with other navigation equipment provides a simple installation. Instruments can be used as part of the NavNet 3D system, or separately.

Inmarsat D+ 21.02.2014 Inmarsat D+
The company Communications and Radio Navigation offers upgrade options for the operation of the ship security alarm system (SSAS) and long-range identification and tracking of vessels (LRIT) based on Inmarsat.