Lithium battery Novega PT9

Lithium battery Novega PT9
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Lithium battery Novega PT9

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Lithium battery Novega PT9 350-17350 is used to ensure the quality of the acoustic sensor PROOF PT-9.
On the recommendation should be made to replace the batteries every 3 years. Lithium battery Novega PT9 350-17350 has all the necessary characteristics and meets the requirements of BSH.
The package includes a lithium battery Novega PT9 350-17350, Case, instructions and documents on the battery, as well as special camouflage stickers. 
Failure to service the battery can cause a risk of fire. Install the battery in a cool and dry place. Lithium battery Novega PT9
In no case do not try to recharge the batteries. Changing the O-rings needed when replacing the battery, as there is the possibility of accumulation of sediment over time. Apply a thin layer of the mixture on a special battery cover before installing the new battery Novega PT9 350-17350. Use the wrench that would remove the end cap containing 3 holes. Each bolt unscrews counterclockwise. Then - remove the old O-ring. Remove the old battery by tilting the lighthouse. Clean the threads. Carefully place the new O-ring on the battery cover. Apply a thin film of oil on the thread, install the new battareyku.
Battery Novega PT9 350-17350 equipped with technology 'polarity protection', which allows the batteries to be installed first positive pole.
On the bridge circuit for the 2550 TAG PT9 C-PROOF activation will be done within 60 seconds when connecting the positive and negative poles for 3 seconds. After successful replacement bataeri, make sure that the designated date correctly labeled.
  • Voltage - 3.6
  • Service life - up to 2021
  • Type - Lithium Battery
  • Rated power - 760 mAh

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