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BNWAS Praxis
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BNWAS Praxis

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The Praxis BNWAS Watch Alarm System monitors the wheelhouse and automatically alerts the captain or other officer of the officer in charge of the watch with a series of alarms.

The Praxis BNWAS is operated using a 5.7-inch touchscreen with an intuitive interface. NMEA-0183 output is available for connection to VDR. The officer in charge of the watch system is powered by two power supplies (19 ~ 32 VDC): one main power supply and one backup power supply.

BNWAS Praxis consists of the following elements:
  • BNWAS Control Panel, part no. 93.0.970;
  • BNWAS Reset Unit, part no. 93.0.375, IP65;
  • External Alarm Unit, part no. 93.0.352, IP65;
  • Reset and Alarm Unit, part no. 93.0.354, IP65;
  • Emergency Button Unit, part no. 93.0.374, IP66;
  • SUB Alarm Unit Bridge Timer, part no. N02.98401, IP65.

  • Main power supply: DC, 19 ... 32 V
  • Back-up power supply: DC 19...32 V
  • Software version:

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) 12.09.2021 FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
DP notations - DP (AA) and DP (AAA) - must be verified by FMEA. This method is used to determine the consequences of a single malfunction in the motor system and its control system.