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Energy Management System (EMS) Praxis

The Praxis Energy Management System (EMS) automatically selects the power source for the Mega-Guard electrical propulsion system. EMS Praxis monitors the maximum power supplied to the electric traction motors in order to avoid situations of overloading the energy storage and / or DC generators. In addition, the Mega-Guard EMS monitors battery charging from either DC generators or shore power.

The Praxis Energy Management System connects via Ethernet to the following Mega-Guard electrical power units:
  • Traffic control system
  • High power converter
  • Energy storage with built-in BMS (Maneuvering Management System).

The Praxis Energy Management System can be expanded with the following independent products:
  • Vessel Management System (VMS)
  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Fire alarm system (FAS)
  • Video surveillance system (CCTV)
  • Dynamic Positioning System (DP)
  • Officer in charge of the watch (BNWAS)
  • Navigation Light Control System (NLCS)
  • Wiper Control System (WCS)

and etc.