Antenna Samyung SAN-350

Antenna Samyung SAN-350
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Antenna Samyung SAN-350

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SAN-350 is an omni-directional antenna manufactured by Samyung company, designed for operation in the frequency ranges 300-305 / 335-339 MHz. This antenna is used in conjunction with river radio stations, compatible with Samyung SUR-350.

The SAN-350 has a circular pattern and vertical polarization. The maximum input power to the antenna is 50 watts.

  • Operating frequency range: 300-305 / 335-339 MHz.
  • Directional diagram: circular.
  • Polarization: vertical.
  • Maximum input power: 50W.

Installation of a float-free VDR capsule 26.06.2018 Installation of a float-free VDR capsule
Providing improved data transfer

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