Antenna PVSH-335 (290-350 МГц)

Antenna PVSH-335  (290-350 МГц)
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Antenna PVSH-335 (290-350 МГц)

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The fixed wideband antenna with a circular radiation pattern of the  PVSH-335 is  used in simplex or duplex systems that provide radio communications in the frequency range 290-350 MHz. It is widely used to provide radio communications on ships of the river fleet. 

The antenna has a small overall dimensions and weight. Made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion, which ensures a long service life. Structurally, the antenna is made of dural pipe with a diameter of 35 mm, divided into two parts by an insulator. At the bottom of the set RF connector SO-239. 

The stationary antenna PVSH-335 can be installed on the mast, bracket or on any suitable structures that provide sufficient mechanical strength. 


  • SWR in the operating frequency band: not more than 1.35  
  • Operating range: 290-350MHz                                                     
  • Coefficient of symmetry of the chart: 0.7  
  • Throughput power: 200 W  
  • Polarization: Vertical  
  • Wave resistance: 50 ohm  
  • Gain: 4.7 dBi (2.55 dBd) 
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +55 o C  
  • Relative air humidity: 95-100%
  • Overall dimensions: 894 x 35 mm.
  • Antenna weight: 0.6 kg.  
  • HF connector: SO-239

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