Combined antenna DS-56

Combined antenna DS-56
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Combined antenna DS-56

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Combined GPS/GLONASS DS-56 antenna

Antenna with GPS operating frequency L1 - 1575.42 MHz, GLONASS L1 - 1602 MHz
The design is optimized for receiving radio signals with right-hand circular polarization. The device is equipped with an integrated low-noise amplifier (LNA). If necessary, the antenna can be mounted on an additional mounting base.
It is an economical GPS/GLONASS antenna designed for stationary or mobile use. It is available in active and passive versions, and can be used both as a receiving and transmitting antenna. The antenna housing is protected from moisture and dust in accordance with the IP66 standard, which allows it to be used in various weather conditions. The package includes a high-quality antenna connector made of stainless steel.

Technical specifications
 Frequency  1575 MHz/ 1602 MHz (CF: 1590 MHz) 
 Power  1 W
 Noise Figure  1.5 dB
 DC Voltage  3-5 Volt
 Working Temperature   -40°C~+85°C
 Storage Temperature   -50°C~+95°C

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