Car HF Antenna Icom AH-2B

Car HF Antenna Icom AH-2B
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Car HF Antenna Icom AH-2B

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AH-2B is an automotive short-wave antenna manufactured by Icom. This antenna operates in the frequency range 3.5-30 MHz with a power of 150 watts. AH-2B has a length of 2.5 meters and requires the mandatory antenna tuner AN-4.
AH-2B is attached to the body without having to make holes, which makes it possible to install the antenna without unnecessary damage to the car's covering.

  • Frequency range: 3.5-54 MHz
  • Current consumption: Max 2 A
  • Power supply: 13.8 V ± 15% DC
  • Power: 120 watts
  • Overall dimensions: 230х85х205 mm
  • Weight: 700g.

Factory acceptance tests 12.09.2021 Factory acceptance tests
Commissioning is the process of fine-tuning the installed equipment so that it works correctly and performs its functions. They are carried out in stages, starting from the manufacturer's workshop, where important equipment is checked before being sent to the shipyard. These checks carried out by the manufacturer are called Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). They confirm that the equipment was in order when it left the shop.