Ditel A60 is a marine satellite TV antenna

Ditel A60 is a marine satellite TV antenna
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Ditel A60 is a marine satellite TV antenna

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Ditel A60 is a marine satellite TV antenna

The DITEL A60 marine satellite TV antenna is equipped with advanced technology that ensures high performance and reliability when receiving a satellite signal in marine conditions. The antenna can be installed on various types of vessels, including yachts, boats, tankers, container ships and other vessels.

The automatic servo system of satellite tracking allows the antenna to quickly and accurately navigate to the target satellite, thereby achieving stable reception of television and radio programs provided by satellites. This feature is especially useful when the vessel is moving on waves, in strong winds or in other harsh conditions.

With a reflector with a diameter of 63 cm (24.80 inches), the antenna provides a good satellite signal reception capability, which allows you to receive stable and high-quality broadcasting even at a great distance from satellites. The large effective radiating power (EIRP) of more than 47 dBW makes this antenna an ideal choice for receiving a signal from the Chinasat 9 satellite.

The DITEL A60 has a compact and ergonomic design that allows you to conveniently install the antenna on the ship. It also has a high degree of resistance to external influences, such as strong wind, salt water and other aggressive environmental factors.

Due to its characteristics and reliable operation, the DITEL A60 marine satellite television antenna is widely used on all types of river and sea vessels, providing sailors with access to a variety of satellite television and radio programs during their stay on the water.

Technical specifications
 Radome height                  75.8cm (29.8 inch) 
 Radome diameter                  70.0cm (27.5 inch)
 Reflector diameter                 63.0cm (24.8 inch )
 Radome colour                              White/Blue
 Radome material                                ASA/ABS
 Weight                     21.5kg (47.3 lbs)
 Environmental humidity                                     0~95%
 Operating temp. range                             -20℃~70℃
 Waterproofing grade                                         IP56
 Satellite band                                  Ku-band
 Antenna type  Ring focus rear feed antenna
 ACU size                       160*160*45mm

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